Otanical (2016)

Like Yesterday (2015)

Mid Life Love Letters (2014)

M.A.S.S .Moving Audience Street Sculpture (2013)
by Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell
TYPE: 24/7 multi-channel interactive realtime slit-scan  – public artwork
COMMISSIONED BY: D.P.T.I. – Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure for Urbanest Shopfront, Bank Street, Adelaide
SCREENINGS/INSTALLATION: opened on 27 Feb ‘13 until 1 Oct ’13
AWARDS: Finalist, SALA Awards ’13: The Advertiser Business SA Contemporary Art Prize

Doorway 1 & Doorway 2 (2013) by Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell
TYPE: Temporary outdoor public artwork in Moseley Square, City of Holdfast Bay
COMMISSIONED BY: City of Holdfast Bay
FOR: City of Holdfast Bay “Random Project”
SCREENINGS/INSTALLATION: from the 10 March ’13 for 2-weeks

Stepping Into the Light (2012)
contributing Artist: Director of dance & Indigenous film content
TYPE: Film, Architectural projection work – entire building
FOR:  Illuminart project, Norwood Town Hall, Cultural Heritage Festival
SCREENINGS: 22 May; 24 – 26 May ‘12

Forever (2012)
TYPE: Film, single-channel video loop (8mins)
FOR: Felicity Arts
SCREENINGS: AdYO 2012 Season launch (premiere); Dance Week Screenings at Signal Point Gallery; SALA Festival 2012 (24/7 Adelaide Festival Centre Foyer, and, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foyer (both entrances));  Woman’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation website

Frenzy (2012) by Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell
TYPE: Experimental Film/Moving Image work, Single-channel video loop (25mins)
FOR: Felicity Arts
SCREENINGS: SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival 2012): at the Mark Lobert Gallery (Port Adelaide) and Bang & Olufsen (Hyde Park)

Mobius (2011)
TYPE: Film/Moving Image work, Single-channel loop (27mins)
FOR: Felicity Arts
SCREENINGS: Feast Festival  (premiere 2011); SALA 2012 at Bang & Olufsen (Hyde Park)

Boy In The Window (2011)

TYPE: Architectural projection – Rear projected hyper-reality installation (30min), 300 Rundle Street, Adelaide
FOR: Felicity Arts
SCREENINGS/Installation: Feb-March 2011

Choreographing  Data (2010) – performance

TYPE: Dance with wearable sensors & 3D-stereo projection from body data
FOR: ErgoLab University of South Australia (Mawson Lakes)
PERFORMANCES: Opening of the ErgoLab

Pixel Forwarder (2010)

TYPE: Dance Film
FOR: ReelDance Festival (created during the Shelly Love Masterclass)
SCREENINGS: “Out of the Hat” for ReelDance, Carriageworks, 2010

Solo Reflections (2010)

TYPE: Dance& Piano Recital – performance
PERFORMANCES: MaD Gallery, Shanghai (Simon Ma Gallery) for World Expo 12; Port Fairy Spring Music Festival Oct’10; ABC Studio 520, Adelaide (Felicity Arts, Soundstream, Australia China Development Council)

Fragile Connexions (2009)

TYPE: Dance & Multi-media work – performance
PERFORMANCES: Summer Dance Festival, Taipei (Taipei Artist Village)

Solo Momentum (2009)

TYPE: Dance & Piano recital – performance
FOR: Morilla Estate, by invitation of Brian Ritchie for Kylie Kwong Special Event
PERFORMANCES: Morilla Estate, Hobart

Future Memory (2009) by Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell

TYPE: Experimental/Dance Film (20mins), fulldome projection work (immersive cinema)
SCREENINGS: The Dome Project – Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival 2009; Immersive Film Festival (Portugal 2009); APS  – Australasian Planetarium Society Conference (NZ, 2009); MIFF (2010); ReelDance 2010; Adelaide Planetarium private screenings (2011)
AWARDS: Recommendation, Immersive Film Festival 2009

3xperimentia: Live Cut (2009/2010) by Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell – performance

TYPE: 3D live‐edit cinema/performance
FOR: Felicity Arts
SCREENINGS: Adelaide Fringe 2009 & 2010; SoulFood performances 2010; “G’day Mate” initiative APAM 2010; RiAus & Uni SA performances 2009
AWARDS: 2009 Ruby Award for Innovation; Adelaide Critic’s Circle IAF Award for Innovation;    Finalist: 2009 Adelaide Fringe Awards for Best Production & for Best Dance Work

3xperimentia: Songlines & Storylines (2008) – performance

TYPE: 3D live‐edit cinema/performance
FOR: Felicity Arts
SCREENINGS: 2008 South Australian Living Artists Festival

Immerse II (2008) – performance

TYPE: Dance& Media arts (real-time 3D-stereo projections with live dancer)
PERFORMANCES: World Dance Alliance, performance demonstration, QUT

Immersion (2007) – performance

TYPE: Dance & media arts work (3D-stereo projection)
FOR: Australia‐China Council Residency
PERFORMANCES: Taipei Artist Village, 2007

3xperimentia (2007)

TYPE: Dance Film in 3D
SCREENINGS: Choreolab (Ausdance SA), May & October 2007; Videotage Hong Kong (2009); Taipei Artist Village (2010)